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Southold is a town located in the Suffolk Country and it has a population of about 20,000 (as of 2000). The town is known as the first English settlement of Long Island, being established in 1640. The name of the town is probably derived from Southwold, which is an English town in the county of Suffolk.

The climate in Southold is characteristic for Long Island, being generally humid, with hot summer months and moderately cold winters. Winds are a common occurrence in the area and tropical storms happen at times.

Southold is renowned for its museums, beaches and golf courses.  Founded in 1960, the Southold Historical Society is a place where you can discover a large exhibition of photographs, paintings, manuscripts and other objects related to the history and culture of the area.

Another historic attraction is the Horton Point Lighthouse, which comprises an active lighthouse and a museum dedicated to a collection of marine artifacts. The lighthouse is surrounded by a park that offers beautiful views over Long Island, being a perfect place for a summer picnic. There are plenty of beaches around Southold, ideal for swimming, fishing or practicing water sports. Some of the best choices are the Southold Marina and the Orient Point Marina.