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East Hampton is a town in the Suffolk County and it is the easternmost town urban area in the state of New York. The town was founded in 1648 by a group of fishermen and farmers from Connecticut. Until the beginning of the 20th century, fishing and farming continued to be the principal activities of the residents of East Hampton. After 1900, many writers, artists and wealthy families settled here in their quest for refuge from the busy life of the city. Nowadays, the town is a popular vacation spot and it features great beaches, a vibrant nightlife and exciting shopping venues.

The town of East Hampton has a rich historical heritage, which is reflected in the large number of museums and landmark buildings. The East Hampton Town Marine Museum is dedicated to preserving the maritime history of the town through three floors of exhibitions. The Mulford Farm is an intact English Colonial farmstead, dating back to 1680. The house is almost intact and it has a special architectural significance, as it allows historians to reconstruct the way of living of those who lived here centuries ago.

Another landmark building in East Hampton is the Clinton Academy, which was built at the end of the 18th century. The academy prepared young men for college and young women in the points of being a lady.

The weather in East Hampton is characteristic for the Long Island Area, with a humid subtropical climate translated in long and cold winters and warm summers, sometimes with high levels of humidity.